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We’re offering a free health check for all new pets!

Our clients travel from around the county to trust us with their pets – we’re the vets your neighbours love but you haven’t found yet!


We believe in preventative care – in seeing our patients regularly, diagnosing any issues they have at an early stage and doing everything we can to stop those issues from becoming serious.

That’s why we’re offering a free health check to all new pets who join our practice.


It’s a 20 minute nose-to-tail health check with one of our fantastic vets, where we’ll be looking out for a range of problems, early diagnosis of which is really important to your pet’s health and happiness.  

In the health check, we can

Check the condition of your pet’s teeth

Investigate any lumps and bumps


Help older pets who are showing signs of slowing down


Give you peace of mind if your pet hasn’t been seen by a vet for over a year

Interested? Why wouldn’t you be!

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Who can attend our free health check?

This free health check is available to all family pets who have not been seen by one of our vets before.

This offer is NOT available for breeders with litters and we are unable to provide any documentation which could be given out to a future owner.


Fit the bill? Then we can’t wait to see you for your free health check.

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