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The Dog Fixers
Dr Vanessa on Channel 4

The Dog Fixers is a short form series that follows disabled dogs on their journey as they are given rehab and have a bespoke wheelchair created for them to suit their needs, lifestyle and personality.

We've supported Broken Biscuits - the disabled animals' charity for many years, discover more about the amazing work they do at

Giving A Disabled Lurcher A Second Chance

After a traumatic time on the streets of London, older doggo, Lady, is needing some help to get her back on her feet. Can The Dog Fixers teach this old dog new tricks?

Giving Rolo The French Bulldog A New Lease At Life

Rolo’s owner was left in shock when her French bulldog became paralysed. The Dog fixers want this feisty and independent Frenchie back down on the river, chasing ducks and being her normal mischievous self. 

German Shepherd Black Lab Recovers From Near Death

Having been told that he has less than 10% chance of walking again after a shocking spinal stroke, Taylor’s owner Alice gets The Dog Fixers on board to get him some wheels and his independence back.

Shocking Accident Leaves Tessa The Pug With Three legs

After being hit by a car, Tessa the pug is left with a shattered back leg. Her loving owners want her to thrive in her new way of life, so enlist The Dog Fixers to add some sparkle back into her life.

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