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General Services


Preventative Health

We can provide vaccinations, worm and flea treatments. If you are already our client you can order these treatments via PetsApp. Otherwise vaccinations can be booked via our booking page or PetsApp.

Preventative Health

Meet and Greet

Meet and greet the team when you first acquire your pet, or are just moving to our practice. Discuss the healthcare needs and get a dedicated individualised healthplan.

For the youngsters we can arrange for microchip and vaccinations at the practice. Discuss neutering, nutrition, exercise and training. This meet and greet is completely free with our highly qualified and experienced registered veterinary nurses, you will also get a chance to meet the veterinary surgeons.

Please book your appointment via our booking page.

Meet and Greet
Brushing Dog's Teeth


All of our staff members have received advanced training in dentistry. Every patient is given the best standard of care.


This means that every single patient receives safety blood tests, fluids during anaesthesia, a full set of dental x-rays and a full mouth mapping.


Teeth will be cleaned and where absolutely necessary we can extract damaged teeth. All of our patients who have extractions will have local anaesthetic blocks.

We do not believe in compromising patient safety and wellbeing, so we do not de-scale and polishes without the safety checks and full examinations listed above.


We strongly believe in quality care for our patients, because they deserve that.

A dental examination can be booked via our booking page or PetsApp.



We are lucky to have advanced practitioners at our clinics that can perform a large number of procedures, from neutering to our services listed on our referral page.


We also have certificated anaestheticians that monitor our patients whilst under general anaesthesia, top of the range anaesthetic equipment and monitoring tools, the best patient warming systems and individualised anaesthetic protocols dedicated to your pet.

Please see our referral page for more information. Surgeries can be booked via our booking page or petsapp or giving us a call!

Sick Pets

Sick Pets

Our vets have spent years working in both general practice and emergency practice, so your sick pet is safe in our hands.


We have on site diagnostic equipment, including the highest standards of imaging equipment and a dedicated pet laboratory, allowing blood results in 5 minutes.


In an emergency, please call our number. If it is not an emergency, sick pet appointments can be booked with one of our vets via the booking page, or via petsapp.

See our referrals page for more information on our diagnostic imaging facilities.


We run a number of clinics dedicated to chronic disease in pets.


These include osteoarthritis, diabetes clinics, renal disease, weight management, Physiotherapy, and geriatric health checks.


You can contact us on PetsApp, by phone or e-mail to enquire about our clinics. Your appointment can also be booked via our booking page.


Hospital Facilities

We have built brand new cat and dog wards which are soundproofed and designed specifically for veterinary healthcare.

We also have hospital facilities for small furries. We can provide overnight hospitalisation for our inpatients so that you will not need to drive them back and forth to out of hours services.


You can request a visit to our facilities by contacting our reception via email or using PetsApp.

Hospital Facilities


The benefits of physiotherapy for animals include reducing pain, accelerating healing times, improving range of motion, increasing strength and muscle tone, reducing the risk of re-injury, improving proprioception and reducing muscle tension and trigger points. 


Physiotherapy can be used to help animals who have recently undergone surgery or sustained an injury, animals suffering from arthritis or other orthopaedic conditions such as elbow dysplasia/hip dysplasia, animals suffering from spinal problems causing them to display neurological deficits, animals with muscle tightness or trigger points and animals with damaged tendons or ligaments. 


Not only can physiotherapy help treat the primary issue, but by strengthening the animal and reducing pain, physiotherapy also reduces the risk of compensatory or secondary issues as well as the risk of re-injury. 


What to expect from a physiotherapy session? 

  • Initial consult will include a full history check, full assessment (including static, dynamic, range of motion and palpation), followed by the relevant treatment. This will last 45 mins. 

  • Follow up treatments will last 30 mins. 

  • Treatments may include massage, stretching, passive range of motion, LASER therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), shortwave ultrasound therapy (3MHz and 1MHz), transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), neuromuscular electrical nerve stimulation (NMES), heat therapy and cryotherapy. 

  • A detailed report outlining assessment findings and treatment administered will be provided after the session.


  • Homework exercises will be given that must be carried out between sessions to optimise treatments. 

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